S.T.O.R.Y. Framework

for Entrepreneurs with Ideas that Matter - because you are the story you tell

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What story can I help you tell?

Workshops and Coaching Workshops and Coaching

Learn and practice the S.T.O.R.Y. system with your colleagues, team or one-to-one executive coaching.

Participants take-away ready to tell stories and ability to replicate new ones

Story Authoring Story Authoring

Too busy running your business? Use my outsource writing services.

Assign me to write or collaborate creating good stories for investors, employees, sales meetings or web content.

Self-Guided eCourses Self-Guided eCourses

Learn at your own pace with self-guided training that’s flexible and accessible.

Course includes 53-page S.T.O.R.Y. Design Handbook, examples of good business stories and one-on-one video coaching.

Story Blog

Don’t tell me why – show me how! Unlocking the secrets of how to design good stories

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It’s not like we don’t get why. It’s not the physical properties of a luxury auto, candlelight dinner or top model looks that we want. What we want are the feelings, the emotions, the experiences that we perceive those things can make us feel.

Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey (monomyth)

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Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey illustration illustration credit to Lisa Paltz Spindler

What’s Most Effective for Business: Narrative or Story?

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In this post, I explain why telling a story vs. narrative is more effective for pitching new ideas, gaining buy-in from stakeholders inside and outside a company, product launches and persuading your tribe to take the action you want them to take next.

Client Stories

I help people communicate better through storytelling. Read what others say about my services:

Lew Hollerbach

I was building a product that was the realization of a life-long goal. I was managing the company, raising funding, and building the product itself.  (more…)

- Lew Hollerbach
Mia’s Story

I’m a finance student at the University of Virginia, but plan to live and work in Switzerland after I graduate this Spring.

- Mia’s Story
Jim’s Story

It doesn’t matter where you are in life, we all have a fascinating story to tell and there is no one better than Joel Blom to help us tell it.


- Jim’s Story

The relationship of stories and success is clear: you are the story you tell.



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