Business Storytelling e-course

I’m in the process of transforming my one-day Entrepreneur’s Workshop into motivational self-guided training lessons delivered direct to your mailbox – or available for download all at once.
You’ll get the same tools, tips and tricks we cover in our group and one-to-one workshops to transform your pitch into an emotionally satisfying story that connects you (or your idea, product, or brand) – to your tribe and unique audience.
Your story will effectively communicate the “hero’s journey” you have traveled to arrive at today and make a listener care, know what’s at stake and what is it they should do next. Beyond having  proper structure, your new story will enable listeners to understand the driving force behind successful entrepreneurs – that crucial “why” you are so passionate about what you are doing.
The course includes step-by-step instructions, story templates and inspiring video interviews with business storytellers. It will also have extensive selections of curated purpose-driven story examples AND offer participants live one-to-one video coaching sessions that brings out the natural storyteller who lives within all of us.
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