Too busy building and running your business? Use my outsource writing services to save time and avoid distracting internal resources from their primary jobs.

Few entrepreneurs or businesses leaders disagree on the importance of using storytelling to advance their particular cause. Whether it’s to raise capital, recruiting whiz kids, or motivating employees when growth starts to slow, storytelling is a strategically important business skill no organization can afford to ignore.

You probably know what type of story you want to tell: a story with a little humor, a lot of drama and an emotionally satisfying ending, which makes the listener care enough to take the action you wish them to take.

The question business leaders are asking is not what kind of stories should I tell – rather: who is going to write the stories?

Taking the time to step away from daily business to write your own stories can be impossible to justify. Requesting in-house personnel to author stories can backfire if results miss the mark and upset relationships. A quick and sensible alternative is to collaborate writing with me – or delegate the writing entirely to me as an on or off-site contractor.

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