Why Stories?

Because we love what a story promises

It’s not the physical properties of a luxury auto, candlelight dinner or model-thin looks that people want. What they want are the feelings, the emotions, the experiences that we perceive those things can make us feel. The emotion a story delivers directly influences how we feel about ourselves vis-à-vis a product, a service or competitor.


What is a good Story?

A good story will:
• Make people care
• Show what’s at stake
• Tell a listener what to do next

It’s your choice. If you want people to care, to remember you, your ideas, your call to action, gift-wrap it for them in a good story. Sounds like a lot of work? Less than you might think. Transforming an unremarkable presentation into a purpose-driven story can be done by anyone who understands his or her ideal listener and can follow a roadmap.


How S.T.O.R.Y. Works

S.T.O.R.Y. Framework

  1. S.ubject (time, place, hero and characters)
  2. T.reasure (goal, purpose, aspiration)
  3. O.bstacles (forces of opposition, setbacks, internal and external conflict)
  4.  R.eturn (What life-lesson did the Hero learn? What treasure or gift did he find to bring back and share?)
  5. whY. = Why (the moral of the story)