Mia’s Story

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Mia’s Story

I’m a finance student at the University of Virginia, but plan to live and work in Switzerland after I graduate this Spring.

I took Joel’s Speed Story Workshop to help design a story I can use for my job search and when interviewing. I found this workshop helpful in crafting an effective presentation of my capabilities toward a target audience.

We began by analyzing the storyline of a comedy, “Horrible Bosses,” and matched the five elements of a good Story in order to understand the concept clearly. Then using the S.T.O.R.Y. framework, we defined my story’s purpose and the action I want them to take after hearing it.

Joel then guided me through the other Story elements by asking questions about my life and personal experiences, always in the context of my story’s purpose. We then turned my responses into events and turning points, positive and negative; to illustrate my journey and the lessons it offers.

In a little more than an hour I had the skeleton of my story ready. I enjoyed going through this workshop, it gave me a new clarity and full confidence to write and tell it well.

Mia Bates, Charlottesville, VA, USA (relocating to Switzerland in 2015)